The Catholic University of America

Code of Student Conduct


Approved by: President
History: Issued    -- June 16, 2003  
  Revised  -- June 23, 2015  
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Responsible Official: Dean of Students tel. (202) 319-5619



Community Expectations and Student Responsibility


Any community is born of a shared commitment to core values. The Catholic University of America (“University” or “CUA”), guided by reason and the light of faith, is a community dedicated to the cultivation of knowledge, skills, wisdom, and virtue. Membership in the University community brings with it the obligation to conduct oneself in ways that promote these goals and build up the community, and the obligation to refrain from activity inconsistent with our shared goals and commitments.


Each student is expected to make choices that preserve a safe and secure environment in which all individuals are able to pursue their academic endeavors, to practice responsible citizenship and to respect the rights of others, and to be accountable for her/his own actions and the conduct of her/his guests. Failure to uphold University rules and expectations as well as district, and/or federal laws and regulations may result in student conduct action within the University under the authority of this Code of Student Conduct (“Code”).




The purpose of maintaining student conduct in the University setting is to protect the character of the University community by discouraging conduct inconsistent with the values of the institution. The purpose of publishing student conduct regulations is to give students general notice of prohibited behavior and their rights and responsibilities during the student conduct process. The purpose of campus student conduct proceedings is to provide a forum through which to determine whether a student is responsible for violating University regulations. This Code provides a means for the exercise of student rights and responsibilities within the University student conduct system. The Code seeks to preserve the individual rights of students while ensuring that the interests of the entire University community are also maintained.


I. Applicability


A. The Code applies to the on-campus conduct of all students. The Code also applies to off-campus conduct of students that, in the University’s judgment, involves or affects the University or other members of the University community, such as conduct in connection with:


1. Academic work or other University-related educational activities and experiences, such as class projects, field trips, study abroad, student teaching, or internships;


2. Activities sponsored, conducted, or authorized by the University or its student organizations;