The Catholic University of America

Eligibility for Individual Counseling Services Policy 

Approved by: President
History: Issued               -- October 14, 2007  
  Revised            -- August 11, 2016  
  Last Reviewed --
Related Policies: Enrollment: Undergraduate; Enrollment: Graduate
Additional References: Law School Announcements
Responsible Official: Director, Counseling Center tel. (202) 319-5765

I.          Policy

A full-time University undergraduate or graduate student (as defined by the enrollment policies for Graduate and Undergraduate students), or a CUA Law student enrolled for 8 credit hours or more, is eligible for ongoing individual services from the CUA Counseling Center. To be eligible for these services during the summer, such students need not be registered for classes during the summer sessions, but must at least be registered as a full-time student (or a Law student enrolled for 8 credit hours or more) in his or her current degree program for the upcoming Fall semester.

Part-time students are eligible only for one-time appointments for the purposes of providing referrals to non-University counselors.

Eligibility for individual counseling services is subject to verification by Counseling Center staff.