The Catholic University of America

Co-Curricular Scheduling Policy

Approved by: The President and his Council
History: Issued    --  
  Revised  -- 2000  
  Additional History
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Responsible Official: Director of Conferences and Pryzbyla Managment tel. (202) 319-5291
VP for Enrollment Services and University Registrar tel. (202) 319-5311
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I. Introduction
II.  Definitions
III.  Requesting a Space
IV.  Scheduling Priority
V.   Event Sponsor Responsibilities
VI.  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
VII.  Alcohol
VIII. Cancellations
IX.  Co-Sponsorship
X.  Entertainment Copyright License
XI.  Campus Event Security
XII. Fees and Liability
XIII.  Tentatively Reserving Space
XIV.  Political Activities
XV.  Presentations Sponsored by Student Organizations
XVI.  Private Parties
XVII.  Religious Services
XVIII.  Vending and Information Distribution
XIX.  Date/Time Restrictions