The Catholic University of America

Co-Curricular Scheduling Policy

Additional History

10/10/14: The policy was revised to require use of the University's Centralized Scheduling Software when scheduling events in campus spaces, and to require that departments populate the software with the characteristics of spaces under their control. 

12/17/13:  Non-substantive revisions were made to the policy to update information such as titles, departmental names, hours of operation, and fees.

8/7/13:  A link was added under Related Policies for the Accommodations at University Events Policy, and the policy was reviewed for formatting.

05/24/06: The language in Section VII on Alcohol was replaced with the current language from the policy on Serving Alcohol at Student Events. This is because Section VII of the Co-curricular Scheduling Policy quoted an alcohol policy that was outdated.

2000: The language that had been in the policy on ADA and scheduling was removed, and the current language included.


The law requires that organizations that receive significant assistance from the university are also governed by the provisions of the ADA and Section 504. Co-curricular activities that are a part of the university are covered by the provisions of the law and should be scheduled at accessible locations if at all possible.

All CUA offices and departments are encouraged to program open events in handicap accessible areas. Student organizations must have their first two open, publicized meetings of each semester in handicap accessible rooms. Open events located in non-accessible space must indicate that fact on all advertising with contact information for those who may require special assistance. Consult the equal opportunity officer or the Office of Multicultural and Special Services for further details.

Replaced with:

All meetings and events at the university open to the student and university community, or open to the public, will be scheduled in accessible rooms. This requirement applies to academic events, whether curricular, or co-curricular, and to all student organization meetings. Organizers of closed meetings must be prepared to certify them as such.