The Catholic University of America

Acceptable Use Policy 

Approved by: President
History: Issued              -- June 16, 2003  
  Revised            -- December 8, 2015  
  Last Reviewed -- 
Related Policies: Copyright Policy; Code of Student Conduct; Information Security and Assurance Policy; University Code of Conduct
Additional References: Copyright Guidelines
Responsible Official: Chief Information Officer  tel. (202) 319-5373

I.               I.       Policy Statement 

The Catholic University of America requires that all users of its technology resources do so in a responsible manner that supports the teaching, research, and service missions of the University, as well as its administrative functions.  The University’s “technology resources” include all University-owned or licensed computer hardware, owned or licensed software, as well as data stored on or transmitted over University systems.   

At all times, users must apply standards of normal academic and professional ethics and abide by University codes of conduct and policies, and all applicable laws and regulations.   

This policy applies to all individuals, including University faculty, staff, students, contractors and guests accessing University technology resources.   The University reserves the right to take appropriate action in response to violations of this policy.  

The unauthorized use of University technology resources for personal profit is prohibited. University technology resources may be used for personal purposes provided that such use does not:  

o   Directly or indirectly interfere with the University operation of computing facilities; 

o   Burden the University with noticeable incremental cost; 

o   Interfere with the computer user's employment or other obligations to the University; or 

o   Violate other University policies, or violate applicable laws or regulations. 

II.            Use of Accounts and Access 

Authorized users of University information technology resources may be assigned one or more accounts with appropriate access restrictions.  Individual users are not authorized to access accounts other than those to which they have been granted specific access by an appropriate University agent. Individual users may not seek to change the permission associated with otherwise authorized accounts. 

III.           Copyright and Intellectual Property  

Users of University information technology resources may only use legally obtained, licensed tools and materials in compliance with all copyright and/or intellectual property laws or regulations, as well as the University’s Copyright Policy.  

IV.        Privacy and Information Security

Users of University information technology resources must respect the privacy of others, and must protect the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of information entrusted to them per the University’s Information Security and Assurance Policy.  Users must not inspect, disclose, access, modify, render inaccessible or delete University data unless specifically authorized to do so.   

V.        Interference 

Users of University information technology resources shall not cause or attempt to cause, either directly or indirectly, excessive strain on any computing component or significant degradation of other users’ ability on any University system, service or network resource.    

Users of University information technology resources shall not post unsolicited electronic mail to lists of individuals who have not requested membership in such list outside of a legitimate business purpose of the University.  Nor shall users post obscene, harassing or otherwise inappropriate messages.  

The University may take action to protect users from sending and receiving certain or all messages if they have a reasonable belief that such messages are the result of, or are causing, unauthorized interference with University information technology resources.  

VI.        Enforcement and Monitoring 

Users of University technology resources acknowledge that the University reserves the right to monitor and examine all data residing on and/or traveling over any University managed device for maintenance purposes, for legitimate business need, as well as in support of enforcing any University policy.   

Other than as a response to emergency systems maintenance or repair, or upon user request, access to files, email, or other data reserved to a specific user will be granted only after obtaining approval from the cognizant Vice President or the Provost as appropriate to the circumstance, when compelled by court order, or when there is deemed to be an urgent and compelling need to do so by the CIO.  

All users of University information technology resources are bound by applicable federal and local laws relating to electronic media.