The Catholic University of America

Student Accounts Refund Policy 

Approved by: Board of Trustees
History: Issued              -- March 14, 2001  
  Revised            --  
  Last Reviewed -- 
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Additional References:

University Statement on Unanticipated Closures

Responsible Official: Vice President for Enrollment Management tel. (202) 319-6535

I.    Introduction

The Office of Enrollment Services shall refund to all students amounts received in excess of the amounts due. Excess payments made by third parties or outside organizations shall be refunded in accordance with the direction of that organization.

This policy applies to all University students and their accounts with the University.

II.   Timeliness of Refunds

The Office of Enrollment Services shall make every effort to issue timely refunds of overpayments of students' accounts including loan proceeds in excess of amounts due the University. In no cases, shall refunds be issued later than the time period required by law and regulations. The Office shall publish a schedule of refunds for each semester and notify students of that schedule.

III.   Refunds of Third Party Payments

Refunds of payments from third parties shall not be issued until the Office of Enrollment Services has verified that the payments have cleared the University's bank.

IV.    Notices to Students

The Office of Enrollment Services shall notify students when paper loan checks are received and need to be signed as well as when refunds are available to the student. Official notification shall be by electronic mail or paper. Students are expected to check their university mail and to notify the University of any changes to their addresses by updating their electronic record.

V.   Impact of Payment Plans on Refunds

In calculating the amount to be refunded to students, the outstanding balance of budgeted payment plans shall not be used as that amount is subject to revision by the student or parent. The Director of Enrollment Services shall have the discretion, based on payment history of a particular student, to authorize a refund in anticipation of payment plan payments.

VI.   Refunds of Parent Loans

Refunds of amounts in excess of amounts due the University which occur as a result of parent loans shall be issued to the parent unless written authorization is received by the Office of Enrollment Services directing that the refund is to be issued to the student.

VII.   Refund Methods

Refunds of payment by credit card shall only be issued by credit on the same credit card used for the original payment.

All other refunds shall be issued by university check.

No cash refunds will be provided.

VIII.   Claiming Refunds

Students or parents picking up refunds from the University Cashier shall be required to provide photo ID and to sign for the refund. No refunds will be issued to anyone other than the student or parent.

IX.    Unclaimed Refunds

Refund checks which are not picked up from the University Cashier within 10 business days of the notice shall be mailed to the billing address of the student. Returned refund checks shall be subject to the District of Columbia's escheat (unclaimed property) law and turned over to the District of Columbia as required. Any student or parent whose refund has been turned over to the District of Columbia shall be directed to the District's escheat recovery process.

X.   Use of Refunds to Pay Prior Period Charges

At times, students will receive refunds in the current period and will wish to apply these funds to balances from prior semesters. Refunds which result from Federal loan proceeds cannot be applied to prior periods. Therefore, the student must deposit the refund check into their own account and make separate payment to the University. Students may certainly provide the separate payment when they pick up the refund check.