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Finance: Accounting
Unclaimed Payroll Check Policy 

Approved by: Board of Trustees
History: Issued               -- March 14, 2002  
  Revised            --  
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Responsible Official: Director of Payroll tel. 202-319-5512

I. Introduction

For the Controller's Office to ensure proper distribution of checks, ensure their safekeeping, and ultimately properly report unclaimed property, the university establishes the procedures for unclaimed checks from both Payroll and Accounts Payable and unclaimed notices of direct deposit.

This policy applies to all university departments.

II. Definitions

III. Procedures and Regulations

For employees who work three or more days a week on campus, checks are to be held by a department for no more than three working days after receipt.

  1. After three days, the Departmental Payroll Distribution Officer MUST return all payroll checks to the Payroll Department.
  2. The Payroll Department will then contact the payees of each unclaimed check at their address of record to attempt delivery. Checks returned or unclaimed will be subject to the District of Columbia Escheat filing requirements.
  3. Unclaimed direct deposit slips will be held at the Payroll Office for a length of time determined by the Director of Payroll.
  4. All unclaimed Accounts Payable checks (vendor payments, reimbursements, etc.) must be returned to the Controller's Office within one week after receipt if unclaimed.