The Catholic University of America

Faculty Handbook

Section D: Special Procedures

III-D-1 The Chair of a Department

Authority for Appointment. The President appoints the Chair of a Department for a term of three years without restriction as to reappointment according to procedures outlined by the Academic Senate (Bylaws, Sec. VIII, paragraph 3). The procedures require the recommendation of the Dean, made after consultation with the Department. Ordinarily, the Chair is a tenured member of the Faculty.

Duties. The Chairman is responsible to the Department and to the Dean and the Faculty for the proper functioning of the Department. The Chair

  1. Provides academic leadership to the Department and fosters high academic standards;
  2. Is responsible for the programs of the Department, its course offerings, and methods of instruction;
  3. In matters of faculty appointment, reappointment, promotion, and tenure acts as prescribed in Part II of the Faculty Handbook;
  4. Assigns faculty duties fairly and equitably, insuring that necessary time is provided for the development of new courses, direction of dissertations, research, and laboratory, editorial, administrative, or supervisory work;
  5. Plans for the future development of the Department;
  6. Prepares and manages the budget of the Department;
  7. Collaborates with the Office of Institutional Advancement in developing resources for the Department;
  8. Prepares an annual report to the Dean on the state of the Department and recommendations for its progress;
  9. Supervises graduate assistants and departmental employees;
  10. During the academic year presides at monthly meetings of the Department;
  11. Represents the Department at meetings of the executive bodies of the School.

Procedure for Appointment. The procedures for the appointment of a Chair of Department are as follows.

1. When a vacancy occurs, the Dean of the School shall recommend the appointment of a Department Chair to the President through the Provost. The position of Chair becomes vacant at the end of an incumbent's term of office, after resignation of an incumbent during his term of office, or by decision of the President for cause.

2. In selecting a candidate for recommendation to the President, the Dean shall consult with faculty members of the Department and student representatives and provide opportunity for and give serious consideration to the vote of all regular faculty members of the Department (cf. Faculty Handbook, Part II, A-1, .004).

3. If the consultation and vote support the selection of an extern rather than a member of the Faculty, and if the President so decides, the Dean should initiate a search procedure similar to the one described in the selection of a Dean.

4. In the case of a sudden and unanticipated vacancy in the position of Chair, the President, on recommendation of the Dean and in consultation with the Provost, should appoint an Acting Chair. In such event, the Dean should initiate the process of selection of a permanent Chair within a reasonable time.




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