The Catholic University of America

Faculty Handbook

Section D: Special Procedures

III-D-3 Assignment of Space

The assignment of space for faculty and administrative offices of the academic units, research laboratories, and libraries is the responsibility of the Provost, Dean, Chair, or Director. The Registrar is responsible for scheduling the use of space allocated for classrooms, seminars, teaching laboratories, and studios.

Ordinarily, an administrative officer or a member of a Faculty or Staff will be assigned to only a single office at any given time. The office of a Dean or Chair of a Department will be considered as the private office of a member of a Faculty who is serving in such capacity. Private offices are assigned subject to the availability of space, the function served, and the need for privacy. Within reason, seniority in rank will be considered when preferences for particular space are expressed.

A member of a Faculty on leave may be asked to surrender use of office space for the period of the leave. In all cases, evidence that space is not being used advantageously may prompt its reassignment.

Professor Emeriti are entitled to office space provided that it is available and is used advantageously. As available, space is also assigned to associates of a Faculty in accord with evidence of need and schedules for utilization.

Research laboratories are assigned solely in response to need.