The Catholic University of America

Faculty Handbook

Section C: Supplementary Provisions for Clergy and Religious

III-C-1 Appointments

In view of the obligations of their status, clerics and religious must have the authorization of their ecclesiastical superiors before accepting an appointment to the University. The President of the University, in turn, observes the courtesy of informing the diocesan or religious Ordinary of the University's interest in a candidate and requests approval before the University formally offers an appointment. Deans and Chairs of Departments are asked to ascertain the appropriate protocol in each case so that the request may be presented by the President and may be properly directed.


Ecclesiastical authorization is further recognized as a condition of appointment in Part II, which provides that if a Roman Catholic cleric loses clerical status under any canonical condition that requires his resignation from the University, or if such resignation is required as the result of an ecclesiastical process determining that he no longer may function as a Roman Catholic cleric, or if the cleric or professed religious is recalled by his or her legitimate ecclesiastical superiors even without cause, the University’s contractual obligations shall become void (II-F-6, .192).


Priests who desire to obtain faculties for ecclesiastical service within the Washington metropolitan area should apply directly to the appropriate Ordinary.


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