The Catholic University of America

Faculty Handbook

Section B: Contracts and Compensation

III-B-4 Moving Expenses

The University will reimburse a new appointee to the Faculty for the cost of transportation of personal and family belongings from the previous place of residence to the Washington area up to a maximum amount or proportion of costs specified annually by the Provost. If an appointee's spouse is also eligible for reimbursement of moving expenses by an employer, the University's payment will be limited to an amount which, when added to that received by the spouse, will not exceed the total of moving expenses.


Allowable expenses are:

1. Charges by commercial shippers based upon weight and mileage, and associated insurance coverage;

2. Charges for private rental of truck or trailer, and associated insurance coverage, gasoline and toll charges.


Expenses are not allowed for:

1. Cost of advance personal travel to the Washington area to locate housing;

2. Charges for personal travel, e.g. for accommodations, food, gasoline, tolls, related to the move;

3. Charges for temporary storage at the point of origin or destination and for delivery to or from temporary storage.



Any exception to this policy must have the approval of the Provost.