The Catholic University of America

Conflicts of Interest Policy - Externally-Funded Research

Additional History

10/22/15:  The policy was revised to require that Principal Investigators complete annual, online conflict of interest disclosures in addition to proposal-specific disclosures, and to require verification of completion of conflict of interest training.

8/23/12:  The policy was revised to meet the new Public Health Service (PHS) regulations.

7/27/06: Section VII, Admission to Degree Programs, was amended by adding the word "graduate", as follows: By provision of the Academic Senate, no member of a Faculty in the ranks of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Ordinary Professor, and no Officer of Administration (as specified by name in the Announcements of the University) will be admitted to a graduate degree program.

This change was made based on an email from the Provost on 7/26/06 that confirmed that the Academic Senate intended this limitation to apply only to graduate degree programs.

7/17/06: The main text of the current conflicts of interest policy was adopted by the Academic Senate on Feb. 15, 1996. Prior to that time, the policy consisted of four paragraphs (see top of archived policy). When the Feb. 15, 1996 changes were made, a statement as follows was included in the Faculty Handbook:

This policy supplement to the CUA Faculty Handbook is in addition to the section entitled "Government Sponsored Research" in the March 24, 1980 Policy entitled "Conflicts of Interest" in the Faculty Handbook. All other provisions of the Conflicts of Interest policy in the Faculty Handbook remain in full force and effect.

At the time of the July 17, 2006 reposting of this policy, the two paragraphs referenced below were removed, as they are captured elsewhere in university policies.

The paragraph on Employment, which describes when it is appropriate for a faculty member to engage in non-university employment, was removed since this is covered in the more recently issued policy on Compensation from External Consulting. The paragraph on Government Sponsored Research has been removed since the document referenced by this paragraph is linked as an Additional Reference to the Conflicts of Interest Policy. The paragraphs on Admission to Degree Programs and Benefits to Close Relatives are still in effect as part the current policy.