The Catholic University of America
Faculty Handbook Part II
Appointments and Promotions
Appeals from Adverse Decisions

Section II-E-2: Appeal on Grounds of Inadequate Evaluation

Appeals on Grounds of Inadequate Evaluation

.164 An appeal for reconsideration must be made in writing to the Provost within thirty days[1] after the candidate receives notice of the adverse decision (C-12.123) or within thirty days after receiving a written statement of reasons for the decision (C-12.125-126). The request for reconsideration must articulate the grounds on which it is based.

.165 The Provost, after such consultation as he or she deems appropriate and no later than thirty days after the appeal is received, may grant the request for reconsideration or, on the basis of insufficient grounds for the appeal, reject it.

.166 If the appeal is rejected, the adverse decision stands, and the Provost will so advise the Faculty member.

.167 If the appeal is granted, the Provost so informs the candidate and transmits the request for reconsideration, with an explanation and any pertinent documentation, to the appropriate reviewing body. Depending on the reasons for the appeal, at the discretion of the Provost the case is referred for reconsideration either directly to the CAP of the Academic Senate or first to the Department and/or the School and then to the CAP of the Senate.

.168 A favorable recommendation resulting from reconsideration is forwarded in the usual manner as provided in C-7, C-8, C-9.

.169 If the original adverse recommendation by a Department and/or School is sustained on appeal by the CAP of the Academic Senate, the appeal fails. Upon receiving a report in confidence from the Chair of the Senate CAP on its action and supporting reasons, the Provost may nevertheless make a positive recommendation to the Academic Senate, which then makes the final decision.

.170 If the adverse recommendation originated from the CAP of the Academic Senate and is sustained on appeal by the CAP of the Academic Senate, the case must be referred to the Academic Senate for the final disposition.

[1]"Thirty days" means "thirty University business days"; all subsequent references to time limits are to be similarly understood