The Catholic University of America

Confidentiality of Records 

Approved by: The President 
History: Issued               -- June 1, 1994  
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Responsible Official: Associate VP/Chief Human Resources Officer tel. 202-319-5050

Official personnel files are confidential and should not be removed from those offices where they are kept. Access to such files is restricted to administrators of the university who need information contained in them. Exceptions to this policy are indicated below. Every employee has access to his or her own file. Normally copies of items in the employee's file are not released because they are available to the employee to see or make notes from at any time.

The Catholic University of America will not disclose from official records, personally identifiable information about an individual without explicit written authorization of such individual, except in the following circumstances:

  • In response to a request to provide or verify information referred to as directory information which would include not more than: the fact of past or present employment; dates of employment; and, title or position.
  • To a collective bargaining agent pursuant to a collective bargaining contract.
  • Where approved by University Counsel, especially in the case of requests for information from law enforcement authorities, or in response to a summons, judicial order, search warrant, or subpoena.
  • In compelling circumstances affecting the immediate health or safety of the individual.

All other information on present and former administrative or professional employees will be given to prospective employers by the Executive Vice President or the Academic Vice President provided that the individual authorizes release of the information in writing.