The Catholic University of America

Campus Smoke-Free Policy

Additional History

1/30/17: The policy was revised to add a definition of "smoking," to emphasize that marijuana is not permitted for any reason on the University's property, and to provide information regarding smoking cessation.

10/1/12:  Policy revised to emphasize the no-smoking prohibition and expand for clarity the examples of places where smoking is prohibited.  Language also was inserted to reflect that the prohbition applies even in the absence of no-smoking signage.

2/28/07: The Smoke Free Policy was amended so that smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of an entrance or window of any building. The purpose of the amendment was to allow CUA to obtain LEEDS certification.


Changes made as set forth below. A history of changes as noted is included in an August 2006 memo from the Dean of Students to The Vice President for Student Life. The actual implementation of smoke free residence halls was implemented effective with the 2003-2004 student handbook, but this change had not been captured in the policy posted in the Staff Handbook. In addition to the changes below, an outdated reference to implementation of the policy was removed. (Implementation of the smoke-free policy is effective as of November 1, 1993.)

All non-residential buildings, including academic, administrative, dining, residential, service and mixed use facilities and all vehicles, which are owned, operated or leased by The Catholic University of America, will be entirely smoke-free. The smoke-free policy will apply to all indoor air space, including all common areas and individually assigned spaces. Smoking is not permitted within 15 feet of an entrance or window of any building.

  1. University-owned, operated and leased housing, including residence halls, will be smoke-free with the exception of the individual (non-communal) living spaces of residents who are living alone or have the prior written consent of their roommate(s) and, where applicable, suitemates. All communal spaces with University housing, including residence halls, will be entirely smoke-free