The Catholic University of America

Publication Services Policy

Archived 5/17/16

I.    Introduction


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that The Catholic University of America (CUA) publications that reach the external community (and publications produced for internal purposes that require a high level of quality) are produced in a cost-effective and professional manner, and consistently promote the University brand and meet the University marketing objectives.

II.    Definitions


A. Client: Any person from the University community who comes to the Office of Publications with
publications needs.

B. Manuscript: A completed text document with all relevant components (e.g. titles, subheads,
text, captions, suggested photo placement) submitted to the Office of Publications before a
project will be initiated.

C. Publications:
Printed materials such as viewbooks, annual reports, brochures, booklets, fliers,
postcards, posters, etc. and advertising, promotional items, limited Web media (e.g. buttons,
mastheads, e-postcards).


III.    General Policies


CUA print materials going to an external audience must be produced and/or managed (directed) by the Office of Publications (in the Office of Public Affairs). The same applies to high-end publications targeted at an internal audience.

Design services are provided at no cost to the client if the client follows procedures for submitting a complete manuscript six weeks or more before it is needed.

If a client cannot meet the six-week timeline and needs a publication to be designed and produced in less than six weeks, the Office of Publications, at its discretion, will select an outside design firm or freelance designer to complete the project. The production of the project will remain under the direction of the Office of Publications. In such cases, the client will be responsible for paying for all design and related services.
The cost of printing, mailing and any other products or services (other than layout and design) are always the client's responsibility.