The Catholic University of America

Permission to Photograph on Campus Policy

Archived June 23, 2017

Additional History

I.    Introduction

The purpose of this policy is to define circumstances when photography is permitted on University property. This policy covers professional and amateur photography for private, non-profit, commercial or newsgathering purposes.

II.   Definitions

A. University Community: members of the University community may include but are not limited to: administrators; alumni; CUA student journalists; donors; faculty; guest lecturers; paid contractors; staff; students and their families; and trustees.

B. Media: broadcast news crews, documentary film crews, photojournalists, authors

C. Commercial photography: photography or filming intended for financial gain

D. Non-profit photography: photography that will benefit a non-commercial cause.

III.   General Policies

Catholic University is located on private property; thus, any photographers or videographers who are NOT members of the University community may obtain photos/video on CUA property ONLY with permission of a) the subject(s) of their photography; b) the cognizant building/office/department/school administrator and/or b) the Office of Public Affairs.

Amateur photography by members of the University community and guests/visitors at University events is generally allowed, provided the photographer has permission of photo subjects or is photographing general crowd shots of an event considered open to the public. If any photography is deemed disruptive, intrusive or out of compliance with University policies, CUA administrators, faculty, staff, or public safety officers are empowered to restrict and/or forbid photography anywhere on campus.

The campus Coordinator for Scheduling & Event Planning must be notified any time photography will take place in building interiors where classroom or other meeting space must be reserved and paid for through the campus reservation system.

Media photography must be cleared by Public Affairs; the Office of Public Safety must be notified in the event news media will be on campus.

IV.    General Procedures

To determine the appropriate official for granting permission to photograph, contact the CUA Office of Public Affairs at (202) 319-5600.