The Catholic University of America

Tuition Policy

Archived 10/31/14


I. Introduction

The Tuition Policy governs the establishment of tuition and related fees for the university.

This policy applies to all tuition and related fees for the degree programs offered by the university.

II. Board of Trustee Approval

The Board of Trustees, through the Finance Committee of the Board, shall at least annually set the tuition and fees of the University for all degree programs. Only the Board of Trustees may set tuition and fees.

III. Budget Process

As established in the University Budget Policy, the Budget Committee of the university shall determine the proposed tuition and fees for the university and submit them to the Board of Trustees for approval through the Finance Committee of the Board. The Budget Committee shall consider significant factors affecting tuition - including, but not limited to, the competitive position of the University among its peers, the need to attract high quality students, university budgetary requirements, and appropriate amount of tuition discounting.

IV. Publishing of Tuition and Fees

It shall be the responsibility of the University Registrar to publish the official tuition and fees of the university, as approved by the Board of Trustees.