The Catholic University of America

Special Payroll Checks Policy

Archived 12/16/13

I. Introduction

The university recognizes the occasional need to issue checks outside regular payroll schedules. To ensure that these checks are properly authorized this Policy governs the provision of manual payroll checks.

This policy applies to all university departments requesting special payroll checks.

II. Definitions

III. Application of this Policy

This policy shall apply to the issuance of a manual payroll check, either a replacement of a previously issued system generated check or as a new item, for any of the following situations:

  • The loss or destruction of a payroll check
  • The theft of a payroll check
  • The replacement of a check that has become outdated (90 days from date of issuance)
  • Failure to submit or error in submission of a timesheet, by employee or supervisor
  • Failure to complete or supply required forms or documentation such as an I-9
  • Any other situation, which in the judgment of the Director of Payroll requires the issuance or reissuance of a check.

IV. Procedures

To initiate the special check process, an employee, a supervisor, or a Departmental Payroll Distribution Officer must obtain the appropriate form and submit it with the required signatures to the Payroll Office or prepare a letter of request approved by the cognizant Vice President. A request for a manual check in a case when the employee was not paid must explain why the employee was not paid and provide either a timesheet or appointment form.

  1. The Director of Payroll, in a judicious manner, shall determine which party is responsible for the need for the special check.
  2. A $25 fee will be charged to the responsible party. This fee may be paid by cash or personal check to the University Cashier, or by departmental transfer in the case of a departmental error.
  3. A manual paycheck will be issued no later than one business day after receipt of the approved request.
  4. A manual paycheck will be reconciled in the employee's next regularly scheduled payroll run.
  5. Manual paychecks cannot be direct deposited because they are not generated by a regular payroll run.