The Catholic University of America

Finance: Budget
Overhead Rquirement Policy

Approved by:
Board of Trustees
-- March 14, 2002
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I. Introduction
Programs of the university are conducted for many purposes.Some of these include educational value to our students, whether they be degree seeking or not; public service to our community; or furthering the university's reputation as a source of scholarly research and thought.Regardless of their purpose, programs run by the university incur economic costs of support.Therefore, the university seeks to recover these economic costs through overhead assessments.
This policy applies to all university programs offering non-degree instruction for a fee.
II. Definitions
III. Review Process Non-Degree Instruction
  1. All university non-degree instructional programs, after completing their departmental review for feasibility, are required to be reviewed by the university Budget Office, which shall have the authority to refer the program to the Budget Committee for determination of an appropriate overhead structure.
  2. New programs shall be subject to a graduated overhead requirement during their first three years of operation to permit adequate time for the program to reach its full economic level.Established programs shall be reviewed every three years. This review shall compare overhead contribution to support needs and recommend adjustments as needed. The report from the review shall be presented to the university Budget Committee who shall approve final overhead requirements.
IV. Exclusions
  1. Programs which have been classified as auxiliary enterprises by the Budget Office
  2. Sponsored research
  3. Fund raising activities