The Catholic University of America

Credit Card Acceptance Policy

Archived 7/2/14

I. Introduction

The university limits the acceptance of credit cards for payment to those departments who are given authority by the Controllers office. Permission to accept credit card payments is based upon volume of payments and internal controls in place.

This policy applies to faculty, staff, and student organizations that take credit card payments for services rendered to students or vendors of the university.

II. Definitions

III. Procedures and Regulations

The university currently accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Discover credit cards for payment. Any credit card transaction using American Express, Diner's Club, etc. will be rejected, at which time it will be the department's responsibility to find alternative payment from the payee.

  1. Unless otherwise authorized by the Controller's Office, credit card payments MUST be taken using a credit swipe machine. Telephone authorizations will only be accepted when done in response to a call message on the credit card swiping machine.
  2. If a department or individual is given authority to use another department's credit card machine, the acceptance of that payment, including amount and chartfield to credit must be e-mailed or faxed to the attention of the university cashier during the same business day. Failure to notify the university cashier of such cross-departmental credit machine use will result in crediting the wrong department for the payment.
  3. Payments may ONLY be accepted for the original amount of the purchase. Departments are not authorized to process cash advances on a credit card.
  4. All refunds of credit card payments MUST be processed as credit card credits. No cash or check refunds may be made for credit card payments.