The Catholic University of America

Cost Sharing Policy

Archived 7/30/15
I. Introduction
In its commitment to research as vital to the mission of the university, funds from university resources may be used to share costs with grants and contracts. The University may also be required, by the terms of a grant or contract to participate in cost sharing. This policy establishes the types of cost sharing which may be used and the approval mechanism for cost sharing.
This policy applies to all university Faculty and Staff who enter into cost sharing arrangements.
II. Definitions
III. Types of Cost Sharing
There are three types of cost sharing
  1. Direct: The university may commit funds directly to costs of a project.
  2. Indirect Cost Reduction: Indirect costs are real and tangible costs of conducting instruction and research. The university agrees to reduce the indirect rate on particular projects.
  3. Time and Effort: The university authorizes an individual to work on a project as part of their university paid duties. The approval process documents the direct cost of faculty and staff contributions of time and effort. Documentation is required when cost sharing (university funded time and effort) is contributed on a project.
All cost sharing agreements must be approved in advance of the submission of the grant proposal through the grant approval process. Any cost sharing arrangements which are proposed after the submission of the grant proposal require approval before contracts are signed.
Approval processes will differ based on the funding source:
  1. Cost sharing from funds budgeted and approved by the Provost for that purpose requires the approval of the organization manager.
  2. Cost sharing from all other sources requires approval by the Provost and the Vice President of Finance and Treasurer with notification to the Associate Provost for Research and the Budget Office.
IV. Agreements
All cost sharing agreements must be in writing and a copy filed with the Office of Grants and Contracts to ensure appropriate accounting treatment.
V. Procedures
The Office of Grants and Contracts sets the accounting practices which record all cost sharing arrangements.