The Catholic University of America

Raymond A. Dufour Athletic Center Policy


Archived 9/5/13 (upon merger with the Eugene I. Kane Student Fitness Center Policy to form the University Fitness Facilities Policy)

I.   Introduction

The Raymond A. DuFour Center is home to the Catholic University Department of Athletics. In addition to intercollegiate athletic competition and organized intramurals, the DuFour Center provides students, faculty, and staff access to a multipurpose gym, indoor track, racquetball courts, free weight room, and swimming pool.

II.  Policy

A.   A valid CUA ID or alternative officially approved authorization is required for entrance to the DuFour Center. Hours of operation are posted on the Athletic Department website.

B The DuFour Center is a shared usage facility, with scheduling occurring in the following, prioritized order: Intercollegiate athletics contests; organized intercollegiate athletics practices; academic classes, club sports; intramurals; general recreational use by students, faculty and staff; and outside groups and rentals.

C.  All requests for group space must be made in advance with approval from the Athletic Department. All facility requests should be submitted here: