The Catholic University of America

Graduate Registration Policy

Additional History

5/11/15This policy was revised to bring it in line with current practice.  Key changes include: a) clarification that registration beyond the deadlines in the Academic Calendar requires approval from the Provost or his/her designee; an updated definition of “Academic Calendar”; clarification of continuous enrollment and auditing requirements, and removal of the sections regarding Registration in Absentia and Registration for Dissertation Defense, as they were deemed no longer necessary.

12/12/11: Section VI was edited (per request of Dean of Graduate Studies James Greene and approval of the Provost) to add the phrase *for fulfillment of degree requirements* to the sentence that begins "Audit or not for academic credit...". This is a non-substantive change.

8/06: Policy conformed to print Announcements. One clarification under Registration for Dissertation Defense: Students whose dissertation is approved by the committee within the first two weeks of the semester may register for Disseration Defense.

8/22/05: Policy was reformatted according to the standard template. No changes were made to the substance of this policy.