The Catholic University of America

Archived April 11, 2007

NB: Updates were approved by the Policy Committee (3/28/07) and reviewed by the President and his Council. The updated version (posted 4/11/07) incorporates changes suggested by the President. The text below is the original charter.

Charter for the University's Policy Steering Committee

Sponsor: The Committee will be sponsored by the Office of General Counsel, with guidance from Craig Parker, General Counsel and Peg O'Donnell, Assistant General Counsel.

Mission: To ensure that:

  • there is a clear process for proposing, approving and disseminating policies;
  • there is consistency in the format and presentation of policies;
  • conflicts between policies are eliminated to the extent possible;
  • all policies required by law or other external regulation are in place and up to date;
  • a complete set of university policies exists; is reviewed regularly and is accessible to the university community;
  • there is proper archiving of policies;
  • the policies are consistent with the mission of The Catholic University of America.

Role: The committee supports the President and the Vice Presidents in implementing and disseminating policy, and in identifying a responsible university official and office for each policy. Membership of the Committee will include a representative from each Vice Presidential area. Compliance with policies resides with individual managers and Vice Presidents.

Phase One Tasks:

  • Identify all existing university policies and post those not yet posted to a central policy website, in addition to the other proper channels of distribution.
  • Identify a standard format for policies and place policies in that format.
  • Draft a policy on policies (e.g. identify a standard process for creating or amending policies).
  • Identify mechanisms for coordinating web and print dissemination of policy and
  • Work with the Vice Presidents to identify a Responsible Official for all existing university policies.

Phase Two Tasks

  • Work with the Provost, Vice President for Development and Vice President for Student Life to finalize pages for these areas
  • Identify a clear process for dissemination of policies
  • Set up a process for regular review of policies
  • Complete "above the line information" on posted policies, including related procedures, additional links and responsible official
  • Look at the issue of how procedures related to policies are developed, and make recommendations to the President and his Council.
  • Develop a critical awareness of how policy/procedures might affect operations in other areas.

Last reviewed and approved on April 4, 2006 by the President and his Council