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Registration: Undergraduate

Additional History




Dec. 20, 2011: Section V was edited to add the phrase *for fulfillment of degree requirements* to the sentence that begins "Audit or not for academic credit...". This is a non-substantive change. This was done to mirror the change made to Academic Grad policy, which was amended per request of Provost. 

August 2006 Updated so that layout of online policy conforms to paper version of Announcements. Section VII, text added to conform to Announcements, as follows: Courses numbered from 600 to 999 are open to graduate students only, unless special circumstances apply and with permission of the dean.

The following sentence was deleted, as it mistakenly gave the impression that if someone failed to maintain continuous enrollment, they could simply then register. The reality is that a student who fails to maintain continuous enrollment must be re-admitted:

"A registration period at the beginning of each semester is reserved for students not currently enrolled."

08/24/05: Consortium Registration, Auditing, and Course Number policies were all reformatted according to the standard policy template. No changes were made to the substance of these policies

08/24/05: The Announcements for the 2005-2006 year contained two separate policies for the registration of undergraduate students (pg 24 and 25). These two policies were combined to form one complete registration policy in order to eliminate duplicative language and avoid confusion. Both registration policies are archived under this link.