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Academic Undergraduate
Grades and Academic Standing

Additional History

7/15/13: Revised to state that undergraduates taking graduate level classes are graded according to the graduate grading scale, consistent with current practice. This text was added beneath the table.

2-18-11 The policy was changed (section II) to establish clarify and consistency for the administration of Title IV funds and to add a grade of F* for administrative failure.Section XI  was changed to update the reference to the Student Academic Dishonesty Policy. The section on withdrawal was removed as it is addressed in the Change of Enrollment Policy. Editor's note: In the fall semester 2010, an FX was used to indicate administrative failure. The F* was substituted beginning with spring semester 2011. There is no substantive difference in these grades.

6-17-09 Academic Standing and Academic Probation sections were changed. The old policy on academic standing had non-academic criteria for good standing. The policy on academic probation was changed to incorporate a warning.

8-1-08 The section on Withdrawal from the University was updated to reflect the use of Cardinal Station. A clarification was added that parents of dependent students will receive notification of withdrawal by their student.

August 2006 Policy updated to conform to print version of Announcements. Note that in the print version of the Announcements the Dean's List paragraph had been moved to this section, rather than commencement and honors. This same change was made to the online version.

08/17/05: Policy was reformatted according to the standard template. No changes were made to the substance of this policy.