The Catholic University of America

Academic Regulations for Undergraduates

Additional History

2/27/15:  The section regard Comprehensive Examination was clarified to reflect current practice.  The text that was clarified previously read as follows:

XII.    Comprehensive Examination

In schools where a comprehensive examination is a requirement for graduation, a senior who fails to meet the requirements for graduation in the comprehensive examination may be granted the privilege of a re-examination during one of the subsequent annual periods assigned for senior comprehensives, but may not graduate until the comprehensive examination has been passed.

8/13/14The policy was revised to expand and clarify the University requirements regarding Dual Degrees and Double Majors.

November 2011 Policy was changed to incorporate definition of credit hour as required by Federal regulations.

August 2006 Policy was reformatted to conform to print version of announcements. No substantive changes.

08/16/05: Policy was reformatted according to the standard template. No changes were made to the substance of these policies.