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Removal of Student from a Course for Disruptive Behavior


Approved by: Academic Senate
History: Issued              -- May 12, 1999  
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Responsible Official: Provost tel. (202) 319-5244

I.   Policy

A student whose disruptive behavior, in the judgment of the instructor, makes it impossible to conduct the class and thus deprives other students of instruction to which they are entitled, may be removed from a course according to the following procedure:

The instructor must make an explicit request of the disruptive student to cease and desist.

If the student persists in disruptive behavior, the instructor shall immediately report the case to the chairman of the department or, in nondepartmentalized schools, the dean of the school in which the course is given.

The chairman or dean shall discuss the matter with the student and make a judgment on whether or not the student's continued attendance is harmful to the course of instruction.

If the chairman or dean rules that the student's continued attendance is harmful, he shall inform the student that he or she may not attend the course.

Within five weekdays (excepting holidays), the student may appeal the ruling to the provost, who shall meet with the student, consult with the instructor and the chairman or dean, and either a) reinstate the student, or b) uphold the removal of the student and register a withdrawal of the student from the course.

Actions taken as prescribed above shall be documented and placed in the student's file.

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