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Absence from Class: Intercollegiate Competitive Events or Artistic Performances


Approved by: Academic Senate
History: Issued              -- May 10, 1999  
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Responsible Official: Provost tel. (202) 319-5244


Students who represent the University in intercollegiate competitive events or in artistic performances at which their presence is requested by a University official are entitled to excused absences from classes missed.

A student entitled to an excused absence must obtain a letter from the requesting University official and must inform the professors in advance of any classes to be missed. The student is responsible for any missed work. In turn, professors must make arrangements to accommodate reasonable requests of excused absences for opportunity to make up the work missed.

In courses in which the evaluation of the student's work includes an attendance and participation requirement that specifies a maximum allowable number of missed classes during the semester, students are not entitled to excused absences beyond the total allowed for all students.