The Catholic University of America

A-Z Directory of University Policies




Absence, from Class: Intercollegiate Competitive Events or Artistic Performances

Absence from Class/Attendance

Absence, Leave for Members of the Military - (Staff)

Absence, Leave Without Pay - (Staff)

Academic Dishonesty

Academic Eligibility Policy for Athletics

Academic Freedom

Academic Regulations for Doctoral Degrees

Academic Regulations for Masters and Licentiate Degrees

Academic Regulations for Undergraduates

Academic Senate

Academic Senate, Constitution

Acceptable Use Policy

Access Control Policy

Accommodations at University Events

Accounting Policies (Generally)

Act of Congress

Admission of Undocumented Students

Admissions, Graduate

Admissions, Undergraduate

Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Student)

Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Staff and Faculty)

Alcohol, Serving of Alcholic Beverages on Academic Occasions

Allocation Policy

Allowance Policy

Animal Use Policy

Annual Leave - (Staff)

Anti-Bribery Policy

Appeal of Failing Grades Policy

Audit, External

Authority, Financial Transaction

Authorization to Hire - (Staff)


Background Investigation Policy - (Faculty and Staff)


Behavior, Disruptive

Bond Financed Buildings: Private Use of University Facilities

Board of Trustees

Budget Policy

Bus and Escort Services

Bylaws of the University


Campus Bus and Escort Services

Campus Smoke-Free

Cancelling Scheduled use of Campus Facilities

Canonical Establishment of the University

Canonical Statutes of the Ecclesiastical Faculties, Faculty Handbook Part IV

Capital Budget Policy

Capitalization and Depreciation

Career Services Polic, Eligibility for

Cash Handling Policy

Categories of Employment - (Staff)

Catholic Identity, University's

Certificate of Incorporation

Change of Course

Change of Enrollment (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Change of Grades - (Graduate)

Change of Grade - (Undergraduate)

Change of School

Chapels, Use for Weddings

Chapel Use (General)

Children, Unattended in Libraries

Class Absence, Intercollegiate Competitive Events or Artistic Performances

Class Absence/Attendance

Classification of Net Asset

Classification (of Students)

Co-Curricular Scheduling Policy

Corporate Travel Card Policy

Code of Conduct - (Faculty and Staff)

Code of Student Conduct

Collection of Student Address Information

Commencement and Diploma, Graduate

Commencement and Honors, Undergraduate

Compensation - (Staff)

Compensation from External Consulting - (Faculty)

Compensation from Sponsored Awards and Effort Reporting

Compensatory Time

Complaints about Copyright Infringement by Employees

Complaints about Copyright Infringement by Students

Complaints about Misuse of Computer Resources by Employees

Complaints about Misuse of Computer Resources by Students

Completion Requirement for Master's and Licentiate Degrees

Completion Requirements for Doctoral Degree

Comprehensive Examination for Doctoral Degrees

Comprehensive Examination for Master's and Licentiate Degrees

Computer Ethics (Acceptable Use)

Computer Security (See Information Assurance)

Concentration or Specialization

Conferral of Degrees In Memoriam

Confidentiality of Records - (Staff)

Conflict of Commitment (faculty)

Conflicts of Interest (Board of Trustees)

Conflicts of Interest - Externally-Funded Research (Faculty)

Conflicts of Interest (Staff and Faculty)

Consentual Relations with Students or Subordinates, Prohibition

Consortia, Membership

Consortium Registration - (Undergraduate)

Constitution of the Academic Senate

Consulting and External Service (Faculty)

Continuous Enrollment Requirement (Undergraduate)

Continuous Enrollment Requirement (Graduate)

Contract Approval and Signature Authority 


Copyright Ownership

Copyright License for Entertainment


Corporate Travel Card

Cost Sharing

Cost Transfers

Counseling Services, Eligibility For

Course Numbers and Registration - (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Coursework for Doctoral Degrees

Coursework for Master's and Licentiate Degrees

Creative Services

Credit Card Acceptance

Crime Reporting and Response


Date/Time Restrictions on Use of Campus Facilities

Debt Policy

Declaration of Computing Rights, Ethics and Responsibilities

Delinquent Student Accounts Policy

Demonstrations Policy

Dental and Group Health Plans - (Faculty and Staff)

Departmental Parking Payments

Depreciation and Capitalization

Disability Accommodations for Students

Disability, Admission of Students with

Disability, Long-term - (Faculty and Staff)

Disabilities, Reasonable Accomodations for Employees with

Discipline and Termination - (Staff)

Dishonesty, Academic

Dismissal for Failing Grades - (Graduate)

Dismissal for Failing Grades- (Undergraduate)

Disruptive Behavior

Dissertation, Doctoral Degrees

Dissertation, Request for Extension, Doctoral Degrees

Dissertation Copyright, Doctoral Degrees

Dissertation Criteria, Doctoral Degrees

Dissertation Publication, Doctoral Degrees

Distance Education Policy

Distribution of Handbills - (Staff)

Doctoral Degree, Admission to Candidacy

Doctoral Degree, Comprehensive Examination

Doctoral Degree, Coursework

Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Student)

Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Staff and Faculty)

Dual Degree Programs


Education Abroad

Election to Accept District of Columbia Non-profit Corporation Act

Electronic Communications (Employee)

Eligibility for Career Services Policy

Eligibility for Individual Counseling Services Policy

Eligibility to be Married on Campus

Emergency Preparedness, Reporing, Response and Recovery Policy

Emergency Procedure Policy (Finance)

Employee Assistance Program - (Faculty and Staff)

Employee Cell Phones for Business Use

Employee Electronic Communications and Resources

Employee Indemnification

Employee Loan Policy

Employee Responsibility - (Staff)

Employee Training and Education, Information Security

Employment Categories - (Staff)

Employment Procedures and Practices - (Staff)

Employment Status - (Staff)

Electronic Communications (Employee)

Endowment Spending Policy

Enrollment - Undergraduate

Enrollment - Graduate

Enrollment, Requirement for Continuous - (Undergraduate)

Enrollment, Requirement for Continuous - (Graduate)

Enrollment of Undergraduates for Graduate Study

Entertainment Copyright License

Environmental Health and Safety

Equal Opportunity, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Equal Opportunity, Discrimination Complaint Policy

Equal Opportunity, Reasonable Accomodations for Disabled Employees

Equal Opportunity, Sexual Harassment Policy

Equal Opportunity, Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

Equity in Athletics (Title IX) Policy

Equivalent Experience, Academic - (Undergraduate)

Escort and Campus Bus Services

Evaluations of Performance - (Staff)

Event Sponsor Responsibilities

Exchange Courses

Executive Officers

Exempt Employees

Expectations of a CUA Student

Expectations for Student Off-Campus Behavior and Living

Export Control Policy

Extended Residence

External Audit Policy

External Consulting, Compensation - (Faculty)

External Requests, Responding to

Externally Funded Positions

Evaluation and Revision of the Information Security Plan


Facilities, ADA Compliance in use of

Facilities, Cancelling the Scheduled use of

Facilities, Co-Sponsoring the use of

Facilities, Date/Time Restrictions on Use

Facilities, Fees and Liability in the use of

Facilities, Holding Space

Facilities, Scheduling the use of

Facilities, Security at Events

Facilities, Political Activities in the use of

Facilities, Priority in Scheduling the use of

Facilities, Use for Private Parties

Facilities, Use for Religious Services

Facilities, Use for Vending and Information Distribution


Faculty Handbook

Failing Grade, Appeal of

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)


Final Exam Policy

Finance, Conflicts of Interest

Finance, Emergency Procedures

Finance, Risk Management

Finance, System Access

Finance, Travel Policy

Finance Policies

Financial Aid, University Programs - (Graduate)

Financial Aid, University Programs - (Undergraduate)

Financial Irregularities Policy (Reporting)

Financial Transaction Authority

Fitness Facilities Policy (University)

Flags: Proper Display and Maintenance of Campus Flags

Flexible Spending Accounts - (Faculty and Staff)

Financial Irregularities Policy (Reporting)

Full-Time Study - (Graduate)

Full-Time Study - (Undergraduate)


Gift Acceptance

Gift Card

Gifts and Donations to External Parties

Gifts from Contractors/Vendors

Global Education

Good Standing - (Graduate)

Government of the University, Faculty Handbook Part I

Grades and Academic Standing - (Undergraduate)

Grades, Change of - (Graduate)

Grades, Unethical Practices - (Graduate)

Grades and Dismissal - (Graduate)

Grades and Academic Standing - (Graduate)

Grading System - (Graduate)

Grading System (Undergraduate)

Graduate Studies, AdmissionsGraduate Studies, Application Requirements

Graduate Studies, Enrollment of Undergraduates

Grants - (Undergraduate)

Grants, Academic - (Undergraduate)

Grants and Contracts, Finance

Group Health and Dental Plans - (Faculty and Staff)

Group Life Insurance - (Faculty and Staff)


Handbills, Distribution of - (Staff)

Harassment, Sexual

Health, Dental and Group Plans - (Faculty and Staff)

Health, Involuntary Withdrawal

Health Insurance - (Student)

Hiring Procedures for Temporary Positions - (Staff)

Holding Space for use of Campus Facilities

Honesty, Academic


Hours of Work - (Staff)

Housing, University Supplied

Housing Policy, Student

Human Subjects in Research, Protection of


Identification Cards

Identity Theft Prevention (Red Flags)

Immunization Requirements for Students

Indemnification, Employees

Incomplete Grades - (Graduate)

Incomplete Grades- (Undergraduate)

Independent Contractor, Finance

Individual Responsibilities and Ethics, Computer Ethics

Individual Rights, Computer Ethics

Information Distribution and Vending in Campus Facilities

Information Security and Assurance

Initial Review Period - (Staff)

Insurance, Group Life - (Faculty and Staff)

Insurance, Health - (Student)

Integrity, Academic

Intellectual Property: Ownership

International Students and Scholars (General Overview)

International Students (Policies Regarding)

International Students, Admission to Graduate Studies

International Students, Admission to Undergraduate StudiesInternational Student Employees

International Students, Financial Aid - (Graduate)

International Students, Financial Aid - (Undergraduate)

International Travel

Interpreter/Transcriber Request

Investment Policy

Involuntary Withdrawal


Job Description - (Staff)

Joint Advanced Degrees - (Graduate)


Kane Student Fitness Center


Laboratory Safety and Security Policy

Language Requirements, Doctoral Degrees

Language Requirements, Master's and Licentiate Degrees

Law School Announcements (start at page 46)


Lecturers, New Classification Category for Lecturers

Liability and Fees in the use of Campus Facilities

Libraries, Unattended Children in Libraries

Life Insurance, Group - (Faculty and Staff)

Loan, Employee

Long-term Disability - (Faculty and Staff)


Mandatory Medicare Reporting

Master's and Licentiate Degrees, Completion Requirement

Master's and Licentiate Degrees, Comprehensive Examination

Master's and Licentiate Degrees, Coursework

Master's and Licentiate Degrees, Language Requirements

Master's and Licentiate Degrees, Option of Degree Without Thesis

Master's and Licentiate Degrees, Thesis

Master's and Licentiate Degrees, Transfers of Credit

Medical Insurance - Student

Membership in Consortia

Missing Students

Mission Statement (University)

Motor Vehicle Parking


New Program

Non-Degree Students, Admission

Non-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Title IX Compliance

Non-Exempt Employees

Non-Resident Alien Payments

Non-Retaliation and Reporting Ethical Misconduct

Notification, Parental

Notification of Resignation - (Staff)


Officer Compensation

Option of Degree without Thesis

Oral Examination, Doctoral Degrees

Organization of the University

Orientation of New EmployeesOverelection - (Undergraduate)

Oversight of Service Providers and Contracts, Information Security


Parental Notification

Parking, Motor Vehicles

Part-Time Study - (Graduate)

Part-Time Study - (Undergraduate)

Patent Policy

Pay Periods and Pay Days

Payments, Non-Resident Aliens

Payroll Check, Unclaimed

Payroll Deduction

Payroll Reporting Policy

Performance Evaluations - (Staff)

Pet Policy

Petty Cash

Photography/Videography Policy

Policy Development and Approval

Policies, Procedures and Services for Students with Disabilities

Political Activities Policy

Pontifical Statutes of 1937

Postdoctoral Auditing Privilege - (Graduate)

Posting Policy

Practice of Other Faiths


Presentations Policy

Presentations Sponsored by Student Organizations

Press Releases Policy

Printer Policy

Priority for Scheduling use of Campus Facilities

Private Parties

Private Use of University Facilities

Probationary Period - (Staff)


Procurement Card

Program of Concentration or Specialization

Prohibited Transactions

Prohibition of Consential Relations with Students or Subordinates

Promotions and Transfers - (Staff)

Promptness - (Staff)

Property Administration

Protection of Human Subjects in Research

Protection of Minors

Provisional Admission to Graduate Studies

Purchasing Policies 


Qualifications - (Staff)

Quiet Hours in the Residence Halls



Reasonable Accomodations for Employees with Disabilities

Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Reasonable Accommodations at Public Events

Records, Confidentiality of - (Staff)

Record Retention

Recording Classroom Lectures

Records, Student

Records and Transcripts

Recruitment - (Staff)

Red Flags Rule (Identity Theft Prevention)

Refund of Student Charges

Registration - (Undergraduate)

Registration - (Graduate)

Religious Services in Campus Facilities

Relocation Expense Policy

Removal of a Student from a Course for Disruptive Behavior

Reporting Ethical Misconduct and Non-Retaliation

Reporting Financial Irregularities Policy

Reporting, Leave - (Staff)

Research Misconduct

Research Policies

Reserve Funds Policy

Residence (Graduate)

Residence, Extended (Graduate)

Residence Halls, Visitation

Residence Hall Quiet Hours

Resignation, Notification of - (Staff)

Responding to External Requests for Information Policy

Responsibility, Employee - (Staff)

Restrictions on use of Campus Facilities, Date/Time

Retirement Plan - (Faculty and Staff)

Revenue Recognition

Risk Assessment and Safeguards for Information Security

Risk Management, Finance

Room Reservations (Co-Curricular Scheduling Policy)


Sabbatical Leave

Safeguards and Risk Assessment for Information Security

Safety and Protection of the Environment

Safety, Responsibility for - (Staff)

Safety in the Workplace

Salary Administration Program

Salary Advances

Salary Payments (Faculty)

Scheduling, Co-Curricular

Scholarships, Academic - (Undergraduate)

Scholarships, Fellowships and Stipends and Their Taxability

Service Animals Policy

Service Center Policy

Sexual Offenses (employees and third parties)

Sexual Offenses (student)

Sick and Safe Leave

Sick Leave - (Faculty)

Smoke-Free Policy

Social Media Policy

Special Payroll Checks

Sponsored Award Management Policy

Sponsored Award Costing Policy

Standardization Policy

Status, Employment - (Staff)

Student, Expectations of

Student, Expectations for Off-Campus Behavior and Living

Student Accounts Refund Policy

Student Classification

Student Employees

Student Medical Insurance

Student Organizations, Sponsored Presentations

Student Organization Tax ID#s

Student Records Policy

Subrecipient Monitoring Policy

Summer Sessions

System Access, Finance


Tax Exempt Bond Compliance

Tax Compliance

Tax ID #s, Student Organizations

Temporary Disability (Faculty)

Temporary Positions, Hiring Procedures - (Staff)

Termination and Discipline - (Staff)

Thesis, Master's and Licentiate Degrees


Transfer Admission - (Undergraduate)

Transfers and Promotions - (Staff)

Transfer of Credit (Undergrad and Graduate)

Travel, Finance

Treasurer's Scope of Responsibilities

Tuition Assistance - (Faculty and Staff)

Tuition Discount

Tuition Exchange - (Faculty and Staff)

Tuition and Fees Policy


Unclaimed Payroll Check

Unethical Practices - (Student)

Unethical Practices and Grading - (Graduate)

University Budget Policy

University's Catholic Identity

University Guidelines for Computer Ethics

University Membership in Consortia

University Mission Statement

University Supplied Housing

Use of Campus Facilities, ADA Compliance

Use of Campus Facilities, Cancellations

Use of Campus Facilities, Scheduling

Use of Campus Facilities, Scheduling Priority

Use of Campus Facilities for Vending and Information Distribution

Use of University Chapels for Weddings


Vacation - (Staff)

Vehicles, Parking

Vending and Information Distribution in Campus Facilities

Veterans Benefits - (Undergraduate)

Visitation in the Residence Halls


Weapons on Campus

Weather, Leave During Emergency Closing - (Staff)

Weddings at CUA

Weddings at CUA, Guidelines

Weddings at CUA, Responsibilities of the Couple

Weddings at CUA, Responsibilities of the Presider

Whistleblower Policy (Fraud and Financial Irregularities)

Whistleblower Policy (Non-Retalation)

Withdrawal, Involuntary

Withdrawal (Term or Permanent)

Workers' Compensation - (Staff)