The Catholic University of America

Archived 7/31/2007

I. Introduction: This policy addresses immunization record requirements for students at The Catholic University of America.

II. Definitions:

a. Immunization record: The medical record reviewed and signed by a healthcare provider verifying that these immunizations were administered. The required form to submit the information will be made available to the student.

b. Medical Waiver: Statement provided by a healthcare provider stating medical reasons to release the student from the immunization requirements.

c. Religious Waiver: Statement from appropriate religious official to provide reasons for releasing student from immunization requirement.

III. DC Immunization Law

The District of Columbia Immunization Law (§ 38-502) and university policy requires all students that are enrolled in an academic institution and are under the age of 26 years of age (unless the student has a Medical Waiver or Religious Waiver approved by Student Health Services) to provide documentation of immunity to certain preventable diseases. The Catholic University of America, in accordance with this law, requires that this documentation be submitted by all students under the age of 26 years.

The required immunizations are:

  • Two doses of measles/mumps/rubella (MMR).
    The first dose must be given on or after the first birthday.
  • Three doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine or be currently receiving the series.
  • A Tetanus booster within the ten years prior to enrollment.
  • Clinical history of having had varicella (chickenpox) or date(s) of the vaccine. Two doses are required if the first dose is received on or after the thirteenth birthday.
  • DTP, DT, DTaP, or combined DTP-Hib doses
  • Polio vaccine series is required for those students under the age of 19 years.

Serologic titers which document immunity to varicella, Hepatitis B and Measles, Mumps and Rubella are acceptable in the place of vaccine dates. Additionally, as a matter of CUA policy ALL freshmen are required to receive the vaccine against meningococcal meningitis or sign a waiver declining the vaccine. The form to submit the immunization information and the meningitis waiver form are available on-line on the Student Health Services web page at

IV. Deadlines

The immunization forms must be submitted to Student Health Services by July 1 for those students entering in the fall semester and by January 10 for those students entering in the spring semester.

V. Noncompliance

A student who has not provided documentation of immunity to Student Health Services as required by this policy jeopardizes their continued enrollment at the university. A restrictive hold will be placed on that student's account preventing registration for the following semester.