The Catholic University of America
Archived 6/19/07
I. Immunization Requirements for Students

District of Columbia law requires all students under the age of 26 to provide documentation of two doses of measles (given on or after 1969, and without ISG), mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines, prior to registration. The first dose of the vaccines must have been given ON or AFTER the student's first birthday. A tetanus/diphtheria booster within the past 10 years and three doses of Hepatits B vaccine are also required. Beginning in the fall of 2003, all incoming freshman are required to have the varicella and meningitis vaccine. After reading facts about meningitis, students may choose to decline the meningitis vaccine by completing a waiver form.

Students who do not have complete immunization records will be unable to complete registration. Immunizations will be available through Student Health Services during registration and daily thereafter. Students are billed for immunizations through the Office of Student Accounts. Flu shots are offered to the university community annually in the fall.