The Catholic University of America

Archived 7/24/09

I. Policy

The Catholic University of America endeavors to provide a safe and orderly environment, insofar as possible, in which all qualified students, with or without disabilities, are able to participate in the university's programs and activities and to pursue their academic, physical, moral and social development.

A student who does not conduct himself or herself in a manner compatible with a safe and orderly environment is subject to discipline through the student judiciary. In an unusual case where the student's behavior is incompatible with the academic[1] or technical[2] standards required for participation in the university and the student either:

  1. lacks the mental capacity to respond to the charges against him or her,
  2. does not know the nature and quality of the act in question, or
  3. because of the exhibition of excessive unhealthy behavior, poses an imminent threat to the safety and well-being of himself/herself or others,

The university reserves the right, consistent with applicable law, to require an involuntary health withdrawal[3] of any student. In accordance with stated procedures, a student for whom a recommendation of involuntary health is made will be given the opportunity to elect voluntary withdrawal or the student may file a written request for review of the involuntary health withdrawal.

Procedural guidelines for implementation of involuntary withdrawals are available in the offices of the vice president for student life, the dean of students, and health services. Involuntary health withdrawals are subject to approval by the vice president for student life. Reinstatement following involuntary health withdrawal requires a certification from the student's medical provider which satisfies the university that the student's behavior is compatible with the academic and technical standards of the university and is no longer a candidate for involuntary health withdrawal under the above definition.

- Sept. 9, 1996

[1] Academic standards are determined by the university, the specific school in which the student is enrolled and the professor of the particular course in which the student is registered.

[2] Technical standards for community living require that students comply with the Code of Student Conduct and that students take care of themselves so as to not endanger the physical or mental well-being of themselves or others.

[3] 'Involuntary' means without the student's consent; 'health' means physical or mental health; 'withdrawal' means separation from the university