The Catholic University of America

Archived 7/27/09

I. Policy

Medical (health) insurance is required for all full-time students (domestic and international, graduate and undergraduate) and all part-time international students. A student medical insurance plan, provided by a third party, is available for purchase through CUA. The plan is a student-focused, affordable health insurance policy that protects students within the limits of the plan

Students who are required to be in the CUA Student Medical Plan will be enrolled in and charged for the plan unless a waiver is completed indicating that they are covered by an alternative health insurance policy. This waiver must be completed for each year of enrollment by the established waiver deadline.

The student medical plan charge is not refundable or transferable. A student incorrectly billed for the student medical plan must provide notification to the Administrator of the Student Medical Plan before the end of the semester in which the incorrect billing occurred. The specific terms of the health insurance policy can be found on the Student Medical Insurance Page. Any student enrolled in the insurance plan may enroll his or her spouse and/or dependents by direct application to the insurance company.

II. Definitions

A. Domestic Students: a domestic student is any student who is a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, refugee, asylee or anyone who is not covered by the definition of international student as described in this policy.

B. International Students: for purposes of this policy, an international student is described as a foreign national who holds F or J nonimmigrant status sponsored by The Catholic University of America.

III. Responsibilities

The Administrator, Student Medical Plan coordinates the work of university offices and the contracted insurance provider in carrying out this policy.