The Catholic University of America

Student Records Policy
Graduate and Undergraduate

Additional History 

6/9/17 The policy was revised to be shorter and easier to navigate.

2/6/13 Revised to clarify requirements for e-mailing student information, to remove information that is no longer relevant, and to update titles.

10/27/09 *Photograph* was added to the list of data considered to be directory information.

6/17/09 Amended to change text in Section IX that was amended in December 2008.
the change as adopted proved unworkable in practice.

12/9/08 Amended to add enrollment status to defintion of directory information; also to set policy for electronic distribution of confidentail information to groups of students.

11/15/07 The following sentence was deleted from section IX (13) of the policy:
If the inquiry is made in person or by mail, a student's date and place of birth and signature may be confirmed. 

The reason for the deletion was to reduce the risk of identity theft. In addition, as most student applications are now submitted electronically, a physical signature is no longer a routine part of the education record.

4/26/06 Changes were made to policy to reflect that the Registrar is the Responsible Official and that the role of the VP for student life vis-a-vis student records is limited to those places in the policy where specifically referenced. Approval of the change in Responsible Official was made in consultation with the General Counsel and the Provost. On April 12, 2006 at the Deans' Conference Dr. Convey advised (and obtained concurrence from) the Registrar regarding this change.

Revisions (in blue) to the following paragraphs were made as follows:

III. An informal complaint may be filed within the institution by contacting the Registrar. (note also that a reference in the last sentence of this paragraph to the Vice President for Student Life was removed.)

XI. The Office of the General Counsel and the Registrar will maintain general information concerning the federal law and the university's policy as contained in these guidelines. Complete information on FERPA, including online access to the law and regulations is available at The Registrar will refer students desirous of examining their records to the office of the appropriate administrative official.