The Catholic University of America

Visitation in the Residence Halls Policy

Additional History

12/6/18:  The policy was revised to reflect that visitation hours may be extended the day of an official holiday.

10/24/18: The policy was revised to modify visitation hours, to clarify that hosts are responsible for signing in and accompanying guests, and to clarify that all students and guests must comply with applicable laws and University policies.

7/15/14:  The policy was revised to add a prohibition on babysitting in the residence halls except for specifically-delinated exceptions.

7/2/14The policy was revised to place greater emphasis security and privacy, to expand and clarify the definitions of “guest” and “visitation hours,” and to revise the body of the policy for better flow of information.

9/4/13: Minor formatting changes made, and a link to the Code of Student Conduct was added.

7/21/11: A minor change was made to the wording of the overnight visitors section of the policy.

7/24/09: Policy's language regarding common areas clarified to articulate appropriate areas for visitation after hours; sexual relationships language made consistent with Code.

8/11/08: This policy was changed to a more consolidated and clarified format. It also extended visitation to common areas for guests.

7/31/07: The title of the policy was changed from Guests and Visitation in the Residence Halls, to Visitation in the Residence Halls, to accurately reflect the content of the policy. New hours of visitation were defined to make a distinction between visitation hours during the week as opposed to the weekend. In addition, the policy now includes a definition of the terms "visitor" and "visitation". Appropriate behavior of visitors and their hosts as well as the responsibilities of the hosts was made clearer. The distinction between visitors and guests was eliminated, as having two different categories made the policy confusing in terms of its enforcement and the population to whom certain aspects of the policy applied. Finally, more clear guidelines for CUA students who are visitors in other residence halls on campus were outlined.

10/14/05: Policy was reformatted according to the standard template. No changes were made to the substance of this policy.