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Immunization Requirements for Students

Additional History



3/14/13: The Tetanus booster requirement was revised to reflect that the Tdap dosage is recommended "if it has been greater than 5 years" since the last Tetanus dosage, rather than "if it has not already been received."  Minor formatting changes also were made.

11/3/08: A late fee determined by the annual institutional fee structure will be assessed for all immunization requirements submitted after the designated deadline on the required immunization form for students matriculating in the fall semester and for requirements received after the first day of classes for those students matriculating in the spring semester. Various graduate programs and transfer students' deadlines may vary and will be accommodated. The late fee will also be assessed for all records that may be submitted but are incomplete and are not completed by the established deadlines. The reason for this fee is to encourage students to submit the records by the due date. Records submitted late and/or at registration cause significant delays at registration and result in increased time spent in data entry throughout the academic year by Student Health Services. This valuable time is better spent in caring for ill and injured students and health education.

10/31/08: An asterisk was added to clarify distance education students not present on campus are not covered by this policy.

7/31/07: The last sentence in section V was amended at the end by adding this phrase:"until the above noted documentation has been provided".

6/19/07: DPT was added to the list of required vaccines to reflect current practice which parallels listed vaccines in the DCMR. Definitions were added, and new language clarifies that as a matter of CUA policy all students must either have the meningitis vaccine or sign a waiver declining the vaccine. Clear deadlines were given for submission of the forms.

10/14/05: Policy was reformatted according to the standard template. No changes were made to the substance of this policy.