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Student Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Policy

Additional History

3/9/15: The policy was revised to clarify that possession, storage, use or sharing of marijuana, even if otherwise legal, is not permitted on campus.  This change was made to harmonize this policy with the Code of Student Conduct and the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy for staff and faculty

7/25/08: Two minor corrections made to this policy. A spelling correction, in part II, associate changed to associated, and in the last paragraph alcohol and drug use was changed to alcohol and/or drug use.

7/31/07: Prior to this date three separate policies addressed alcohol use on campus. The three policies were Serving Alcohol at University Sponsored Events, Use of Alcholic Beverages by Students, and the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy.

The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy was split into two policies, one for staff and one for students. The *policy* on serving alcohol was reclassified as an internal procedure owned by student life, and the policy on use of alcholic beverages by students was included in the new "Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use Policy".

Archived Copy of Use of Alcholic Beverages by Students

Achived Copy of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy