The Catholic University of America

Bylaws of the University

Additional History




12/12/06: Clarifications and additions were made in Section II on who could attend and participate in meetings of the Board of Trustees. In addition, a section requiring mandatory retirement for certain trustees was deleted, and a section detailing special procedures for filling vacancies was also deleted.




3/21/06: This amendment to Section XV, paragraph 3, changed the manner in which trustees are nominated, selected, elected and reappointed to membership. An entire new paragraph 3 was added to replace the old paragraph 3. Text of prior version of Section 6 of Bylaws.



3/08/05: Changes made in March 2005 included major changes to committee structures: renaming the Committee on Trustee Evaluation and Recruitment, merging the Finance Committee with the Physical Plant Committee, creating a new Audit Committee and modifying the role of the Executive Committee. The bylaws were also reformatted for stylistic purposes.