The Catholic University of America


Governance of the University:
Policy Development and Approval

Additional History


3/21/13:  Revised to change the Title from Policy on Policies to Policy Development and Approval, to change the responsible official from the Associate General Counsel to the Compliance and Privacy Officer, to clarify the Committee's role and mission, and to clarify the process for review of school/departmental policies when potential conflict with University-wide policies arises.
6/11/7: Changes made to reflect updates in Charter; ie Committee renamed "Coordinating Committee" instead of "Steering Committee" to reflect slight change in process of Committee from Year One to Year Two. A line was added to the definition in II. B that the President has delegated responsiblity for management of the Committee and internal policy process to the OGC. This update was made as part of the ongoing review of all policies by July 2007.