The Catholic University of America

Bylaws of the University

Additional History


12/12/06: Clarifications and additions were made in Section II on who could attend and participate in meetings of the Board of Trustees. In addition, a section requiring mandatory retirement for certain trustees was deleted, and a section detailing special procedures for filling vacancies was also deleted.

June 2006: Conformed text to Faculty Handbook, Part 1. No substantive changes, simply added capitalization and other minor changes (i.e. Cardinal Diocesan Bishops as opposed to Cardinals who are Diocesan Bishops.) Introductory text added as well.

3/21/06: This amendment to Section XV, paragraph 3, changed the manner in which trustees are nominated, selected, elected and reappointed to membership. An entire new paragraph 3 was added to replace the old paragraph 3. Text of prior version of Section 6 of Bylaws.

3/08/05: Changes made in March 2005 included major changes to committee structures: renaming the Committee on Trustee Evaluation and Recruitment, merging the Finance Committee with the Physicial Plant Committee, creating a new Audit Committee and modifying the role of the Executive Committee. The bylaws were also reformatted for stylistic purposes.