The Catholic University of America


Revised by: Sheri Hardison

Approved by: Julie Englund, the Policy Committee and the President

Attached is the proposed revised travel policy for the University. Our goal was to update the language in this policy to current practice but also make it a more accessible tool for campus users. The changes made to the prior policy are summarized below:

1. Sections have been moved around and the entire policy has been sub-divided into more easily readable sub-sections.

2. Employees' responsibilities now include: timely organized submission of expense report, familiarity with travel policies, and proper fiscal year reporting.

3. Deadlines for a submitted travel expense report have been changed from "a reasonable period of time" to "fifteen business days."

4. Added a definition for supervisor.

5. Added language noting that the expense report must be properly approved before it is submitted.

6. Added documentation requirements for spousal travel that is being paid by the University. (This is necessary because the University can only reimburse spousal travel under certain situations.)

7. In order to receive a travel advance, a trip must cost more than $300. We are hoping this change will restrict the use of an advance to only those who most need it. The travel advances are tracked manually by the University and are thus time-consuming to maintain.

8. Documentation requirement for meals will change: Foreign meals will be reimbursed on a per diem basis according to federal governmental rates. Domestic meals still require receipts.

9. Added language noting that travel using personal frequent flyer miles will not be reimbursed.

10. "Limousine" references changed everywhere to "car service."

11. Added language noting that the cost of alcohol can never be reimbursed by a federal/state grant or contract.

12. Updated the listing of other travel expenses to make it more current.

13. A section of procedural items on the expense report were moved out of this document. A more comprehensive line-by-line procedures document has been created for the Travel Expense Report.