The Catholic University of America

Archived 1-19-2010

Finance: Purchasing
Procurement Card Policy

I. Introduction

The Procurement Card is a university issued credit card designed to streamline small dollar purchases of goods and services for business related purposes. Cards will be provided to employees of the university upon approval by the Departmental Manager/Chair. Use of the assigned procurement card is restricted to the cardholder and cannot be used by another employee.

This policy guides all employees using the Procurement Card program at The Catholic University of America.

II. Definitions

III. Procedures and Regulations

1. Procurement cards will be issued to employees after submission of an application form to the Purchasing Office that has been approved and signed by the appropriate Departmental Manager/Chair.

2. All cardholders must sign and accept the terms and conditions of "The Catholic University of America Employee Use Agreement for the Procurement Card."

3. The assigned cardholder must initiate all procurement card transactions.

4. The procurement card can only be used for legitimate business-related expenses.

5. Per transaction limits on procurement cards cannot exceed $1,000, except for the Procurement Card Administrator.

6. The Cardholder is responsible for maintaining receipts of all transactions for audit purposes.

7. It is the cardholder's responsibility to report the loss of the card immediately to the Purchasing Office.

8. It is the cardholder's responsibility to resolve any disputes involving a procurement card purchase. If a resolution is not possible, the cardholder should report the problem to the Purchasing Department so that the bank can be officially notified of the disputed charge.

9. The cardholder is responsible for properly allocating charges made on the procurement card to the appropriate university budget. The allocations of charges must be approved by the cardholders supervisor if that person is required to approve the cardholders statement. For budgets that involve Sponsored projects, the cardholder must ensure that all charges or reallocations adhere to the conditions of the award and are not applied to an expired account.

10. The procurement card cannot be used for the following types of transactions:

a. Airline Tickets

b. Alcoholic Beverages

c. Automotive Gasoline

d. Cash Advances

e. Entertainment

f. Lodging

g. Personal Items

h. Radioactive and Hazardous Materials

i. Restaurants

j. Train Tickets

11. Cards must be relinquished upon termination of employment with the university.

12. Monthly transactions must be reviewed and approved by the Departmental Manager/Chair.