The Catholic University of America

Refund of Student Charges Policy (formerly the Tuition Adjustment Policy)

Additional History

5/18/15: This policy was revised to reflect current practices and to improve clarity.  The key changes include: An expanded definition of “Academic Calendar”; a new section regarding refund provisions for fully online programs; and clarification that appeals are granted solely in the discretion of the University Tuition Refund Appeals Committee and may not be appealed further.

11/26/12: The policy was revised to reflect that, with respect to refund of tuition for online courses and programs, the University with comply with the refund requirements of the state in which the course or program is offered in the event there is a conflict between state law and University policy. To make the policy more user-friendly, definitions were added for "Academic Calendar," "Tuition," "Mandatory Fees" and "Service/Miscellaneous Fees," and sections III and IV were put in chart rather than narrative format.

3/19/12: In order to achieve compliance with Virginia Code, and to reflect process already in place, the following text was added, with permission of the Provost, to the Student Refund Policy: 

X. Refund to Virginia Students

Per § 23-276.3 B of the Code of Virginia, as well as Section 8 VAC 40-31-160 N of the Virginia Regulations, if a student taking courses in Virginia withdraws from courses and is due a refund then the student is to be granted whichever refund is more favorable, the refund under this policy, or the refund under the Virginia Code.

2/23/11: The location of the policy was switched from Finance to Enrollment Management. Defintions were added. Percentages and dates were changed. A section on exceptions was added.

10/17/07: The Responsible Official was switched from VP for Enrollment Management to VP for Finance and Treasurer. The title was changed from Tuition Adjustment Schedule to Refund of Student Charges. Clarification added on what housing, dining and registration fees might be assessed. Added "published" to the modify "add drop period".

8/23/06: Added a sentence referenced bya double asterisk at the end of section 2 as follows: ** Students who have signed a Residence Hall and Dining Services agreement for the upcoming academic year, and who cancel the housing agreement after July 15th may be charged a $500 housing cancellation fee.

8/1/06: Policy was amended to add two additional paragraphs, IV and V, dealing with return to title IV funds policy, and adjustment of grants and scholarships. The line in the Introduction Section that read "In addition to the published refund policy, refunds will be adjusted, as needed, for eligible federal financial aid recipients" was deleted as this referenced the old Pro Rata Formula that required the institution to reduce their charges based on the outcome of the formula. In the section on Return to Title IV, the must was changed to may, and withdraws was removed from the website address, so the reader would be directed to the main page. The two additional changes capture information regarding refund policy that was included on the Financial Aid web page. The following paragraph was removed as it was duplicative: Note that refunds are calculated on the total amount billed and not on amounts already paid. Federal regulations governing refunds apply to students who are recipients of federal Title IV funds. Additional information is available in the Office of Financial Aid and on the financial aid Web page.

7/27/06: Policy was amended by the Policy Committee to delete the last two sentences of the last paragraph under Section II, and to add the following sentence: Fees are refunded on a per diem basis prior to the end of the add drop period, and thereafter are reduced at the rates shown above for tuition.

This change was made to conform treatment of room and board, as it had been a point of contention and confusion for parents and students in the past that room and board was treated differently. Approval of VP for enrollment obtained. Change made at the request of the Associate VP for Business Services.

5/31/06: Policy was reformatted according to the standard template.