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Faculty Handbook Part I (Issued January 2002)
The Government of the University
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Section 7: Special Statutes for Ecclesiastical Units

Approved by: Board of Trustees
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Responsible Official: Provost (202)319-5244


Approved at the same time as the Bylaws, the Special Statutes for Pontifical Schools define the relationship to the Holy See of the Schools and Departments offering ecclesiastical studies and degrees. At present these are the School of Philosophy and the Departments of Canon Lawand Theology of the School of Religious Studies.



The number and character of the schools of theological, canonical, philosophical and related studies, known as Ponti­fical Schools, shall be determined by the Board of Trustees of the Catholic University of America, with the consultation of the Academic Senate of the University.


These Schools are called Pontifical by virtue of accredi­tation by the Holy See; consequently those courses, programs, and degrees having canonical effects shall be conducted ac­cording to norms and regulations promulgated by the Holy See.


These Pontifical Schools are governed by the Charter and Bylaws of the University and by such statutes and regulations as are made under the authority of the Board of Trustees.


Subject to approval by the Academic Senate and confirmation by the Board of Trustees, the Schools themselves shall determine the particular academic regulations, standards of admission, pro­grams of study, and degree requirements. These academic policies shall conform to the accepted standards of the American academic community. Those programs having canonical effects shall, as noted, conform to the norms established by the Holy See.


In addition to other programs of studies, the Schools shall offer appropriate professional and ministerial studies.


These Schools are open to all academically qualified students.


The Schools should have a special responsibility, through their own programs of research and instruction, to other insti­tutions of religious studies, both in the vicinity of the Uni­versity and in the United States.


The programs of studies, courses and degrees of other Pon­tifical Schools are recognized and accepted by these Schools, provided they are in conformity with the general regulations and standards established by the Academic Senate of the University.


The revision or amendment of these Statutes may be made by the Board of Trustees, after consultation with the Academic Senate, and in accord with the Bylaws of the University. Such revisions or amendments may be initiated either by the Board of Trustees or the Academic Senate. Before becoming effective, however, they re­quire confirmation by the Holy See.


The rights and duties of the Chancellor with respect to the Pontifical Schools shall be in accord with the norms and regula­tions established by the Holy See.