The Catholic University of America

Archived June 2006

Faculty Handbook Part I
The Government of the University
Statement of Aims

Section 9: The Pontifical Statutes of 1937

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The Statutes in effect from 1937 until 1970 had begun with a statement of aims that expressed succinctly the University's understanding of its historic mission:

Art. 1

The aim of the Catholic University of America is to search out truth scientifically, to safeguard it, and to apply it to the moulding and shaping of both private and public life. With this aim in view the University imparts, carefully cultivates and promotes learning, and furnishes both students and teachers with the means for scientific research and study, and so directs them that they may properly fulfill their duties toward God, Church, and Country.

Art. 2

The University must look to the welfare not only of the students enrolled but also of all the faithful in the United States of America, and hence it should be of help and assistance to Schools, Colleges, and Seminaries, especially by training teachers who shall be qualified to instruct Catholic youth in these Institutions. Thus the University should be a national center of Catholic culture, and should be held as such by all.

Art. 3

The University shall keep in touch with other Universities and scientific Institutes in all matters pertaining to the in­crease of knowledge and to the perfecting of educational methods, but particularly in whatever pertains to the maintenance of social order by moral influence.