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Archived June 2006

Faculty Handbook Part I (Issued January 2002)
The Government of the University
Charter Documents

Section 5: Election to Accept District of Columbia Non-profit Corporation Act

Approved by: Board of Trustees
History: Issued --June 29, 1964
Revised --
Additional History

Election to Accept District of Columbia Non-profit Corporation Act

In 1964, after action by the Board of Trustees, the University filed a Statement of Election to Accept the District of Columbia Non‑profit Corporation Act. The occasion for this action was the need for provisions by which the former Catholic Sisters College could be merged with the University. An effect of the action was to broaden substantially the corporate powers of the University.

To: The Recorder of Deeds, D. C.
Washington, D. C.

Pursuant to the provisions of the District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation Act, the undersigned corporation elects to avail itself thereto.

FIRST: The name of the corporation is The Catholic University of America.

SECOND: A resolution recommending that the corporation accept the District of Columbia Non‑profit Corporation Act, was adopted in the following manner: The resolution was adopted at a meeting of the Board of Trustees held on March 31, 1964 and received the vote of a majority of the Trustees in office, there being no members having voting rights in respect thereof.

THIRD: The purpose or purposes which it will hereafter pursue are maintaining an institution of learning in the District of Columbia of the rank of a University.

FOURTH: The corporation is not to have members.

FIFTH: The manner of the election of Trustees shall be as provided in the By‑Laws.

SIXTH: Provisions for the regulations of the internal affairs of the corporation shall be as provided in the By‑Laws. Provisions for distribution of assets on dissolution or final liquidation shall be in accordance with the provisions of law.

SEVENTH: The address, including street and number, of its registered office in the District of Columbia is 620 Michigan Avenue, N. E., and the name of its registered agent at such address is Rt. Rev. Msgr. James A. Manger.

EIGHTH: The names and respective addresses, including street and number of its officers and directors are:

Francis Cardinal Spellman, Trustee John J. Deaden, Trustee
James Francis Cardinal McIntyre, Trustee
John J. Krol, Trustee
Richard Cardinal Cushing, Trustee
James P. Davis, Trustee
Albert Cardinal Meyer, Trustee Paul J. Hallinan, Trustee
Joseph Cardinal Ritter, Trustee James E. Kearney, Trustee
Patrick A. O'Boyle, President Jerome D. Hannan, Secretary
Karl J. Alter, Trustee Bryan J. McEntegart, Trustee
Edward D. Howard, Trustee John J. Russell, Trustee
Joseph T. McGucken, Trustee Ambrose Senyahyn, Trustee
Joseph F. Rummel, Trustee William J. McDonald, First Vice President
John A. Floersh, Trustee Joseph B. McAllister, Second Vice President
Robert E. Lucey, Trustee James A. Magner, Assistant Secretary Treasurer
Urban J. Vehr, Trustee Lewis L. Guarnieri, Treasurer
Paul Shulte, Trustee Thomas W. Pangborn, Trustee
Lawrence J. Shehan, Trustee Andrew P. Maloney, Trustee
Gerald T. Bergan, Trustee James Keelty, Trustee
Gerald T. Bergan, Trustee John A. Coleman, Trustee
Thomas A. Connolly, Trustee John McShain, Trustee
Edward J. Hunkeler, Trustee John Walter Clarke, Trustee
Thomas A. Boland, Trustee Charles P. Maloney, Trustee
Henry J. O'Brien, Trustee Dr. Carroll A. Hochwalt, Trustee
James J. Byrne, Trustee John J. Drummey, Trustee
Leo Binz, Trustee Daniel J. Donahue, Trustee
William E. Cousins, Trustee

DATE June 29, 1964


(James A. Magner) By (Joseph B. McAllister)