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Additional History

9/4/13: The introductorion was revised to track the language of the Non-Discrimination/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy more closely, and language was added to the readmission policy regarding the readmission of veterans.

3/11/13: The transacript requirement for international students was revised.  Minor stylistic and non-substantive changes also were made.

1/13/11: Readmission fee changes only. As follows: 

An applicant for readmission is required to pay the $55 non refundable application fee. A student who is readmitted, upon registration, will incur a $100 re-admission fee on their student account. 

7/23/09: Minor changes, such as adding web links, changing phone number and adding military service under Section IX. Non-substantive. No PC review deemed necessary.

12/9/08: Section IX on Deferring Admission was revised to allow admitted freshmen to defer admission for documented service work or a medical condition. Prior to this deferral was allowed for any reason.

11/3/08: Some deadlines have been changed. Policy changed to include guidelines for international students.

June 2007: Introduction Paragraph Statement on non-discrimination replaced by statement adopted by Board of Trustees in August 1999 regarding non-discrimination

August 2006: Conformed to print version of Announcements

3/29/06: The sentence under section VIII: Readmission that read as follows: "A student must reapply for admission if he/she has been dismissed, withdrew from the university, failed to maintain continuous enrollment, or took a leave of absence." was replaced with the following sentence:

A student who has been dismissed or has withdrawn, or who is presumed to have withdrawn because of failure to maintain continuous enrollment, must apply for readmission.

This sentence is the correct sentence that is in accord with the Leave of Absence Policy. It was inadvertently changed in the 2004-2005 announcements. The 2006-2007 copy of the paper announcements will include the corrected sentence, i.e. the one in red.