The Catholic University of America

Employment Practices and Procedures Policy


Additional History


9/22/17: The policy was revised to include the following paragraph in section V regarding selection of applicants for employment:


The President may hire senior staff (e.g., Provost, Vice Presidents, Chief of Staff, General Counsel, Compliance Officer, and others who report to the President) without following the recruitment or selection process set forth in this policy. Nothing in this paragraph is intended to conflict with the confirmation or removal powers of the Board of Trustees, or with provisions for certain appointments as set forth in the University’s governing documents.


6/12/17: The policy was revised to allow for employee transfers or promotions within the first year of hire when necessary and with the approval from the Office of Human Resources.  Specifically, the following language was added to section XI. Promotions and Transfers, sub-paragraph 3:


...or be promoted to another position.  In limited circumstances where there is a demonstrated need to transfer or promote an employee to another position within the first year, the transfer or promotion may occur with the approval of the Office of Human Resources.  Under no circumstances may a transfer or promotion occur if the employee is still within the intial probationary period.


3/17/06: Changes were made on authority of the Director of Human Resources and are updates to policy to reflect current practices.